Self-Care in Crisis Times

2017 has furthered the process of creative destruction 2016 ignited. Creative destruction is deeply needed in order to change sick and broken systems, but experiencing this phenomenon is challenging. We can find ourselves in spaces of loss or fear and this can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting.

Selfcare is vital. 

We are encourage to embrace self-care as a spending space. Treats are lovely and a little indulgence can allow us to re-up our fortitude. To maintain our grace, though, we are challenged to an active practice of self care. This can take many forms, from a cup of tea to self massage to deep meditation or journalling. Mostly these practices call us to slow down and step in to a space of awareness of our own state. Before we can take care of our needs we must know what it is that we need.

Slowing down is essential to this. To sit quietly and allow our thoughts and emotions to come out into the light is necessary. It can also be painful. The wonderful thing about being busy is the space it allows us to switch off from what is going on in our own emotional and physical chaos. To reach a space where we can engage with ourselves and not immediately retreat or search for the nearest distraction we need assistance. This is where dedicated self-care practices come in.